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シンプルは難しい - プレゼンのヒント

Presentation Zen: Gates, Jobs, & the Zen aesthetic

Simplicity means the achievement of maximum effect with minimum means.

Restraint is hard. Complication and elaboration are easy.

"to reach the essence of things, all non-essential elements must be eliminated." So what is the essence of the point being made with the help of this visual? Are any elements in this slide non-essential? At its core, what is the real point? These are always good questions to ask ourselves, too, when critiquing our own slides.


Also, it takes a confident person to design for the placement of empty slides. This is truly "going naked" visually. For most presenters a crowded slide is a crutch, or at least a security blanket. The thought of allowing the screen to become completely empty is scaring. Now all eyes are on you.


そして今回印象的だったのが、箇条書きは発表者と聞いている人との間に壁を作ってしまう という次のフレーズ。

bullet points create obstacles between presenters and audiences.

また、このページの作者がまとめている 講演のヒント トップ10スライドのヒント トップ10 も参考になる。



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