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B・ゲイツ&S・バルマー両氏に聞く--ゲイツ氏とマイクロソフトのこれから - CNET Japan
原文:Gates: Wouldn't change a thing - CNET News


Gates: There's two basic models that I am most proud of. One is a vision of how a software-driven tool could empower people and the idea that the hardware could be standardized and you could build this huge software industry. There wasn't a software industry really before we came along.

The second is much more about people. We pick great people. We believe in the innovative products they can do and we're relentless about staying behind them. That framework has been so key to this company whether it was DOS, graphics user interface, integrated Office.

私もよくえらそうに Windows や Office のあそこが使いにくいとか言うけど実はすごいんだよね。私の母親が最近パソコン教室に通い始めたのも、よくよく考えればビルゲイツの影響。母曰く、「年賀状くらい自分でパソコンで作れないとね」だそうです。それくらい世の中を変えた人。第二の人生を歩むそうですが、ちょっとだけやめずにこれからも戦ってほしいなー。